Additional harassment complaints against former Hewitt official filed with state


Former Hewitt City Council member Kurt Krakowian has been named in several harassment complaints by his former city hall co-workers in the town near Waco.

The complaints are harassment and retaliation claims filed with the Texas Workforce Commission. Those filing complaints are Belinda Kay “Katie” Allgood, managing director of administration; Adam Miles, city manager; and Fire Chief Tuck Saunders.

City Attorney Mike Dixon made the complaints against Krakowian public last month. The most recent documents claim the harassment and retaliation are continuing against the employees, as Miles wrote in a lengthy letter to the mayor and council, according to to Waco Herald-Tribune.

“Kurt Krakowian has intentionally, deliberately and repeatedly acted to further discredit and retaliate against me and members of my staff,” Miles wrote in the letter obtained by the Tribune. “He has worked to expand a hostile work environment.”

Miles goes on in the letter to describe the harassment that he and his staff allegedly experienced during the summer of 2018.

For example; he mentions July 3, 2018. “Kurt Krakowian on his (personal) Facebook page sent a Direct Message (DM) to a city employee,” Miles wrote. “In the DM, he again sought to discredit me and members of my staff – as well as members of the Hewitt City Council.”

The DM specifically stated, according to Miles, “Don’t always listen to everything you hear.”

“I believe this action demonstrates a clear attempt to be secretive and or deceptive since he sought to use a DM from his personal Facebook page rather than an email,” Miles maintained in the letter quoted by the Tribune. He asserted that this action was a violation of the city charter.

Other instances include alleged religious remarks that Miles deemed inappropriate toward himself and his staff members as well as public posting of information about the investigation into Krakowian’s alleged harassment and retaliation behaviors, according to the Tribune.

Since the complaints were filed against Krakowian and an investigation was opened against him, he has stepped down from his council seat, the Tribune reported.

Hewitt is located in McLennan County southwest of Waco.


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