Week in Review: 02.23.2020


Just before bond election decisions, Dallas school board hears a familiar warning from auditors: contracts are being mishandled – After reviewing two internal audits claiming the overpayment of hundreds of thousands of dollars on school repairs, officials at the Dallas school district pushed back. Rather than addressing alleged overpayments of up to $330,000, the school board began work on a policy to reduce the authority of its internal audit department.

Filing of charges doesn’t end controversy over Temple police shooting – After 81 days, the family of Michael Dean still does not know why a Temple police officer fatally shot him in the head during a routine traffic stop.

Latest La Joya leadership news: Former mayor indicted – Jose Salinas, former mayor of La Joya, was indicted this week for a fraudulent land purchase deal and for his part in an alleged public relations contract scheme involving his daughter and another official with the city’s housing authority.

Tarleton delays more than a year releasing records of a gunman on campus – Student journalists at Tarleton State University were forced to wait 15 months before they could tell students and others about a potential school shooter who was disarmed by campus police, because officials at the Stephenville campus dragged their feet in turning over the police incident report.


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