Financial crisis leads to layoff of 72 more employees in Crosby school district


The Houston Chronicle has reported that Crosby Independent School District has laid off 72 employees in an effort to reduce costs through the rest of the school year.

The jobs eliminated were at-will employees and brings the total job loss to 105 for the school district, the Chronicle reported. Crosby is northeast of Houston.

Dr. Scott Davis, superintendent of schools, said in a statement that the move to reduce workforce was based on changes that would “have the least impact on our children and the long-term health of our district.”

The layoffs are intended to improve the economic health of the school district by cutting at least $5.5 million in payroll costs through the remainder of the year.

“It is my hope that as the district’s enrollment continues to grow, we can carefully add back some of these positions in a way that is healthy for our district in future years,” Davis said in the statement..

Some employees will be allowed to stay on until Dec. 20 to minimize disruption during the academic term.



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