State attorney general is investigating former DeSoto ISD administrators


DeSoto ISD is investigating “unethical practices” among high-ranking administrators who have since left the school district, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Superintendent D’Andre Weaver sent a letter to staff this week informing them that he was working with the state attorney general’s office to investigate financial practices in the district.

The News noted that the issues involve officials who allegedly funneled money to themselves and favored employees. Back in the spring, several administrators left the school district after an outside investigator was hired to audit the district’s finances.

The investigation covers topics such as how the previous superintendent, David Harris, and several other top officials were alleged to be paying legal settlements without approval, inappropriately using grant funds, and paying someone not employed by the district, according to the News.

Several other high-ranking officials left as the investigation widened its scope.

This is not the first time DeSoto ISD has been embroiled in controversy, the News reported. This summer it was one of only two school districts in North Texas to receive a “D” grade on academic accountability ratings.

Two years ago, a state review found that some DeSoto trustees felt colleagues had personal agendas and that they often exceeded their authority.

Several years ago, the school district hired an administrator from Atlanta who served for a single day before the district bought out her contract for $188,000 after it came to light that Georgia was investigating a widespread cheating scandal on state tests in Atlanta schools.


  1. None of those school board members deserve to be re-elected. They oversaw the most corrupt people in TX and yet smiled and allowed it all to happen. I wonder what they received for turning their eyes away?

  2. Our tax dollars are just free money for corrupt school employees. Take for instance D’Wayne Carraway…. took millions in bribes while serving on the Dallas City Council,. Amazing that this information about Desoto is not defined on the local news. And in Dallas, Eddie Bernice Johnson(D) scabbing the grants for her family and friends. Remember, the Dallas ISD was proving false social security documentation to illegal aliens so that they could get paid. And the Garland ISD fired American workers so they could hire foreign workers. Even members of the Garland ISD were assisting illegal alien teachers in renting places to stay.

  3. It’s so embarrassing as an alumni! My father was on the school board back in the sixties and he and many others worked hard for DeSoto to have great schools!
    To look at the now is pitiful!!!

  4. DeSoto ISD Investigation/ Board Leadership Change

    As our district is under investigation after several failed leadership decisions we the Community are partly responsible because we are not holding the elected officials accountable. First, we should step back and ask ourselves are we doing what’s best for our children and city? Secondly, we’re allowing the Captain to continue to sit at the helm of our ship (district) and steer it as it is rapidly sinking with $69million in debt/$200million w/ interest, previous Superintendent missteps, cabinet members misappropriation of funds(taxpayer monies), investigations by TEA, Attorney General and The Secretary of State and other findings. We must rally together and call for new board leadership. Two of the current officers were seated during the time of the allegations. Should we wait until more findings are leaked or should we take action now and do our part as a community? If the head of the school district has been changed then let’s do our part as a community and ensure change is made on the board which we can control! It’s time we take action to show we are active, we are concerned and we are part of “De” Solution! It is time to call for the changing of the officers and we must place a sense of urgency on the board members to take ownership and elect new officers during the investigation. Let’s show our children that with great power comes greater responsibility and accountability! They were elected to govern and they failed to do that for years choosing to operate as a 4-0 majority ruling board and that has allowed the mishaps to occur in our school district. Let’s take a stand and call for new board leadership immediately!

    Sign the petition to be part of the solution!


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