Victoria County constable candidate said he was right to not report former chief’s wrongdoing 


A Victoria County constable candidate told Texas Rangers that when his former police chief asked a woman to bare her breasts to him, he didn’t report it for fear he would be blacklisted in the law enforcement community, the Victoria Advocate reported.  

Vincente Flores, 68, a former Yorktown police lieutenant, told the newspaper he told state investigators that, “You’re not going to get hired anywhere,” by reporting such behavior.

Now a security officer at G4S Security Solutions, Flores is the lone Republican running for the constable’s seat in Precinct 1 and will face one of two Democrats in November.  

He told the newspaper that not reporting the incident was “the right decision to make,” even though it got him arrested for official oppression.

Former Yorktown police chief Paul Campos asked a 29-year-old woman to take off her top in front of him in exchange for community service credit. He lost his badge and spent three months in jail for tampering with a government record by logging the bogus community service hours.

Flores was arrested along with Campos in 2016 during the Rangers’ investigation. Flores was charged with official oppression for his complicity in the crime, DeWitt County District Attorney Rob Lassmann told the Advocate, but charges were dropped after Flores completed a year of probation.

Flores told the newspaper that Campos called him into his office to witness the breast-baring.  

“I knew this was not a good thing, so I walked away. I didn’t want to be put in that position,” Flores said. “That’s how I got involved in the official oppression.”

But Lassmann said Flores is heard laughing on the audiotape obtained by investigators.

“By going along with Campos’ actions, Flores was complicit,” Lassmann said. “He never reported it. He never disavowed it. He was a party and was therefore subject to prosecution.”

Lassmann said Flores admitted he was guilty of the charges when he signed the probation agreement.


  1. Victoria police are crooked as hell.

    2015, officer Baumann and officer McCarthy attacked and arrested me and made up charges to make the attack and arrest “legitimate”. Spent 6 days in lockup after the first two days in solitary.

    Only reason I didn’t go to prison was because I recorded the incident and proved their lies. Of course, neither one faced any consequences. I filed a complaint that most likely went straight into the trash or was outright ignored.

    Still hoping they will meet with karma.


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