Dallas County deputy allegedly used taser on suspect’s stomach, threatened to use it on genitals


Court documents allege that a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy charged Thursday with assault and official oppression used a Taser on the stomach of handcuffed suspect and threatened to use the stun gun on his throat and genitals, The Dallas Morning News reported. 

Deputy Austin Palmer arrested Jeremiah Ramos on Oct. 7 for outstanding warrants. The warrant for Palmer’s own arrest alleges that he asked his partner if his body camera was on and, after learning it wasn’t, shocked Ramos in the stomach for about 20 seconds, the newspaper reported.

“The officer instructed him that if he said another word before they got to the jail, he would tase him on his throat,” the warrant states. “If he moved, the officer threatened to tase him in his private area.”

In a Friday press conference, Sheriff Marian Brown said this was an isolated incident.

“When we have issues that we need to address, we’re going to be accountable to ourselves,” the Morning News quoted her as saying. “Good, bad, indifferent, we’re going to hold ourselves accountable.” 

The newspaper reported that Palmer faces a federal lawsuit alleging that he broke a man’s neck during a traffic stop. Attorney Ezekiel Tyson, who filed that lawsuit, attended the press conference and told the Morning News he was shocked that Palmer had not been fired.

John Fullinwider, co-founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality, told the newspaper that an independent investigation should be conducted.

“When something like this happens, historically, police close ranks and there is a blue wall of silence,” he said.


  1. Why don’t all of the complainers complain about these criminals. How do you expect the Officers to control these criminals? The criminals do not respect you, me, or the Officers. What did that criminal do for the
    Officers to threaten to use the taser on him? Wake up public. There are more gun shootings, more robberies and burglaries, more drug sellers and more criminals attacking police officers than I have ever seen in my life time, and I have been around for a very long time. The criminals do not want Law enforcers, they want to be able to kill and steal without being worried about going to jail. Wake up public!!! Wake up!!!


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