TEC says former San Antonio councilman violated financial reporting rules


The Texas Ethics Commission hit former San Antonio City Council member Cris Medina with a $4,500 fine on Monday, ruling that he committed multiple financial reporting infractions during his failed re-election run in 2013.

TEC found that Medina didn’t adequately describe about $17,000 in expenditures, failed to disclose free rent he received and accepted a donation from a corporation, which is prohibited by state law, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Medina avoided trouble on the most serious allegation: that he used $47,445 of campaign money for personal gain, the newspaper noted. TEC said in its order that Medina provided explanations for most of the questioned expenses, and that for other expenses, there was no direct evidence that Medina or his family personally benefited from them. 

In a statement to the Express-News, Medina said he was “grateful for the Commission’s work in recognizing that the [unsubstantiated] complaint stemmed from a political campaign attack after I won re-election in 2013.”

The newspaper reported in 2014 that the FBI and the San Antonio Police Department were investigating Medina around the same time an anonymous email circulated in San Antonio alleging the councilman was using campaign money for personal reasons.

San Antonio police told the Express-News on Tuesday that the department did a brief investigation in 2014 before turning the matter over to the FBI. An FBI spokesperson said she wasn’t aware of any charges against Medina stemming from an investigation by the bureau.


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