La Joya’s new leadership promises big changes for town raided by FBI in August


La Joya’s new mayor and two new commissioners were sworn in this week and they say they plan to shake things up, KGBT reported.

Mayor Isidro Casanova said he plans “to go in there and do a complete audit of the finances and find where the money has been spent.”

FBI agents raided La Joya City Hall in August, carting off boxes of documents, although it remains unclear what information was taken. After the Progress Times newspaper filed an open records request, La Joya officials told the newspaper that FBI agents didn’t provide the city with a receipt showing what documents were taken or a copy of the search warrant.

Jose Salinas, who served as mayor for 17 years, accused former city finance director Gregoria Jackson of fraudulent activity in Facebook posts. She has sued Salinas and city receptionist Angela Salinas (no relation to the former mayor) for libel.

Casanova, who is also the town’s former police chief, told KGBT he wants to “start off on a clean slate” and bring to light any wrongdoings.

“Big changes are coming for sure,” he said. “That’s why we’re elected, because of change, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.”

Laura Mendiola-Macias and Roger Hernandez are newly elected members of the council, who ran under the “We Are La Joya” campaign with Casanova after the controversies arose this summer. The presence of three new members means control of the council has shifted to the newcomers.


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