HCC’s ‘bribery’ report, Uresti resigns, Houston Rodeo flip flops


A long-awaited list of recommendations designed to tighten the procurement rules of Houston Community College was presented to trustees last week. The proposals range from requiring board members to disclose contributions from a vendor when that vendor is bidding on a job, to implementing ethics training for vendors.

State Sen. Carlos Uresti announced his resignation from the Senate in letters posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, exactly one week before a federal judge is expected to sentence him on felony fraud and money laundering convictions. His sentencing is scheduled for June 25.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials said last week they would make public details about security costs, as well as potential settlements for sexual assault or harassment complaints. Less than a week later, they flip-flopped.

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  1. HCC should not be taxing us. It’s a college for adults not children and like all bureaucracies will always be mismanaged. It has already grown beyond children’s school districts and has a firmly established a political positioning of engineering society preferences. It is seemless taxation of property from one community college geographical area to the next. Calling it community doesn’t somehow sanitize it and utilize its for the children rhetoric as sound reasoning. It’s a government entity highjacked by tax, spend and eternal debt makers.


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