Ex-Houston police officers at center of deadly drug raid arrested by FBI


Former Houston police officers Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant, the two men at the center of a drug raid that went fatally wrong earlier this year, were arrested by the FBI on Wednesday morning, the Houston Chronicle reported.  

The FBI also arrested Patricia Garcia, a civilian who made the 911 call that led police to the Pecan Park home on Harding Street on Jan. 28, the newspaper reported. Narcotics officers burst into the home looking for heroin, and gunfire ensued almost immediately. Homeowners Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were killed in the raid and five officers were injured. Officers only recovered small amounts of cocaine and marijuana when the home was searched. 

Goines’ attorney, Nicole DeBorde, told the Chronicle her client faces an eight-count federal indictment, although she did not have details of the charges.

“We’re waiting to hear why the government thinks what they think and are looking forward to defending the case,” she said.

Bryant’s attorney didn’t return the newspaper’s requests for comment.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office had previously announced charges against the men. Goines, the case officer who got the search warrant for the raid, has been charged by the state with two counts of felony murder. His partner, Steven Bryant, faces a state charge of tampering with a government record. 

The Chronicle noted that an internal investigation could not find the alleged informant that Goines claimed made a controlled buy at the residence, which he used as justification for the raid.


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