HCC trustee claim: Fellow trustee does not live in her district

HCC Trustee Adriana Tamez
HCC Trustee Adriana Tamez

HOUSTON — A Houston Community College trustee on Thursday filed a complaint against a fellow trustee, claiming she lives outside of her district and that she should be reprimanded or censured by the HCC board.

Trustee Dave Wilson’s complaint against Trustee Adriana Tamez comes in the wake of an investigative report paid for by Wilson that showcased numerous public records that purport to demonstrate that Tamez lives in an Allen Parkway highrise, rather than a modest house on Houston’s Jefferson Street.

The highrise is in HCC’s District 8, rather than District 3, where Tamez says where she lives.

“The main reason I filed the complaint is because the people in District 3 don’t have any representation,” Wilson said. “They’re being taxed and they have no representation. I think we fought a revolution over that in one time in our history.”

Tamez did not return a call seeking comment.

Investigators also followed Tamez on three separate occasions and found her parking and staying at the Allen Parkway residence.

You can see the allegations in the Dolcefino Consulting report here:

From the report

If Ms. Tamez swore to false documents she should be removed from office. Out of respect for the voters of District 3, Tamez should step down if her representations are false. In any case, she should publicly address this issue, and whether falsification of this type of issue is disqualifying or should be reviewed by the Harris County District Attorney.

Wilson did not know what the reaction to his fellow trustees might be.

“It’s hard to say,” he said. “It depends on whether my fellow trustees want to do what’s right or want to be complicit in protecting a phony, fraudulent trustee.”

Wilson has had residency issues filed against him in the past, with county officials claiming he resided out of his district.

He won in court on the residency issues.

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  1. Funnny how The Monitor fails to mention Wilson was accused of the same thing when he used his office warehouse address as his residence and he also sent out misleading campaign material without his picture in the black community leaving the impression he was black. Pot calling the kettle.

    • Yes Tim but is was real funny. As a conservative we laughed because Dave proved identity politics is the cornerstone of Democratic politics. Additionally, Vince Ryan’s case came apart when his investigator videotaped and witnessed a burglar stealing a truck and trailer from Dave. He of course never said a word. The whole thing will go down as the funniest campaign in area history. Heck Dave made it on Jimmy Kimmel, what other politician can say that. I loved the argument democrats are the only folks who can mislead minority voters. C’mon admit it was funny. Not to mention Bruce Austen was worse than Oliver.


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