Dallas police chief took office in September, still uncertified in Texas

Dallas police

After being hired in July by the city of Dallas, Police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall, failed to submit the proper legal papers to the state that would pave the way to her obtaining the certification required to become a law enforcement officer in Texas.

According to records obtained by Texas Monitor, Hall in August submitted an incomplete eligibility form to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). She omitted several key documents  including notarized statements from her previous employer, certifications of training and a copy of her current license.

“The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is returning the…application for the following reasons,” reads the August 30 letter to Hall from TCOLE. “Below, of eight boxes listing  application requirements, six are checked.”

The letter signs off: “Please correct and return the entire packet within 30 days.”

Among other things, Hall, who took over as chief in September, failed to have notarized the last page of the eligibility form for out of state applicants, which includes validation of her prior certification and training record in Michigan.

The city has for the past several weeks issued statements that the chief had gone smoothly through the application process and was on track to take her state exam.  It has not addressed the lengthy delay between the announcement of her hire and November, when she was given the go-ahead by the state to take the exam.

Hall later completed her application and on November 1 received a notice from the state that she could apply to take her certification test. Applicants are given six months to take the test after approval.  They are allowed to take the test three times in those six months.

A press release from the city of Dallas in late November noted “Chief Hall recently received approval from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to take the Texas peace officers certification exam, and is on track to do so by the end of the year. Following the timely submission, her application documents have taken two months to review, and were approved in early November.”

A city spokeswoman referred an inquiry on the application to Dallas Police Department spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell, who declined to comment.

Each state has its own testing for law enforcement.As of early this week, Hall had not taken the 250-question state exam. 

“They take a rules test as well, but the exam is taken by everyone,” TCOLE spokeswoman Gretchen Grigsby said. “They have to know how to apply state law to their training.”

Hall came to Dallas after serving for 18 years with the Detroit Police Department, lastly as a deputy chief. She took office on September 5. Hall has impressed onlookers with her quick reorganization plans for the department.

However, her failure to obtain certification in Texas has been a subject of wonder in the city. Hall cannot wear the police uniform until she is certified in the state.

“Chief Hall is preparing for the TCOLE exam,” Assistant City Manager Jon Fortune said in a statement cited by the Dallas Morning News. “The daily demands of running the police department are a priority, and as you can imagine, preparing for the exam is very time-consuming. I’ve encouraged Chief Hall to dedicate some time to properly study and when she feels adequately prepared, then take the exam. I have all the confidence that Chief Hall will take the exam soon.”

Onlookers, pundits and critics can take a stab at a sample test here.

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  1. If that’s is a requirement for the state I feel the test should have been given to all candidates that applied for the position and only the ones passing the test should have been considered for the position. We had an interim Police Chief Assistant Chief David Pughes holding position so what was the rush to fill the position. Nothing against Chief Hall at all, I’m just stating my opinion. Hiring her or anyone wasn’t going to change anything overnight. Most jobs if testing is required that’s done before hiring. Me myself wouldn’t want to take a position knowing I have not completed all the requirements for a position, that’s just asking for backlash to come out toward you. Hopefully she will get this done soon so so she can uniform up with her department. Wishing her the best its never easy taking a position when so many don’t want you in it and will find any and everything wrong you are doing or not doing to tear you down.

  2. What happened to blue lives matter.I guess that only apply if you are white.all of you racist bastards can go to hell.and the sad thing about It is I bet most of you go to somebody church.Dallas hired a black woman for the job,so get the hell over it and shut the hell up….mic drop!!!

    • Stephen Courson and who the hell you think it was that denied Jesus? It was those self-righteous church folks.just like the same ones here all up in arms about a black police chef that the city of Dallas hired.believe me, church is the last thing I need in me if it makes me act like you bunch of racist ass bastards.

  3. She needs to be terminated. She has had plenty of time. Also, I don’t understand why Dallas hired someone who came from one of the worst crime cities in America anyways. She couldn’t make Detroit a better place, why would she be qualified to handle Dallas?

  4. The optics are bad whatever the reasons given. She should have made that a priority. She is first and foremost a law enforcement officer. She cannot perform the duties of a law enforcement officer at this time. Yet she is making decisions and judgments that affect the officers under her command. I’m sure she has no intention of acting as an officer. but if a crime takes place in her presence and she does not act, what will she have to say then? Like I said, it looks bad and it’s totally on her.


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