Candidate for Edinburg City Council asks secretary of state to ensure fair election

Voter Fraud

A candidate for the Edinburg City Council has preemptively asked the Texas secretary of state to make sure the November election is “fair and transparent,” KGBT reported.

Carlos Jasso, a candidate for Place 3, sent a letter on Sept. 16 to Ruth R. Hughs, asking her to “assign staff to oversee every aspect” of the election. 

The secretary of state’s office hasn’t responded to the letter yet, KGBT reported. 

The letter points out that Edinburg City Secretary Ludivina Leal was arrested in August on a felony illegal voting charge as part of a larger voter fraud investigation leading to more than 20 arrests since the city’s 2017 election.

Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina was arrested in April on charges that included organized election fraud and 11 counts of illegal voting, but he remains in his post. Leal also continues in her job, after the Edinburg City Council deadlocked 2-2 on Tuesday night on a vote to remove her.

The Monitor news organization, based in South Texas, reported that Leal, 42, is alleged to have allowed a Mission resident to use her address to vote in the Edinburg election as part of a scheme devised by Molina.


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