Bexar County sheriff: “Mistaken” inmate releases may have been intentional


Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said on Friday that some mistaken inmate releases from the county jail in recent months may have been intentional and that an investigation is under way, KSAT 12 reported. 

“Can I honestly say that some of these haven’t been done on purpose, to make the agency look bad? I can’t say that, quite frankly. And we’re looking at that with that in mind,” he told the TV station. 

KSAT reported that at least nine Bexar County Jail inmates have been improperly released since December. Some were due to clerical errors. Other inmates were released despite having outstanding warrants in other Texas counties – or even in Bexar County, the TV station reported.  

Salazar said jail officials are hamstrung by a records system that includes handwritten notes on each inmate’s status. He defended jail administrator Avery Walker, saying he is the best person for that job “right now.” 

KSAT pointed out that 30 detention officers quit their jobs in May, part of a high rate of departures this year.

“Are there people there who desperately want to see me go away? Probably, yes. They’re not fans of the changes that I’ve made to the agency. They’re not fans of some of the people I’ve promoted to be my command staff,” Salazar told the TV station.


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