Week in Review: 08.25.2019


Freedom Caucus members and conservative think tank take on the case of a child’s removal – On June 20, state Child Protective Services workers took the 4-year-old son of a Kaufman County couple from their home and into protective custody.

Dallas DA won’t release list of “unreliable” officers – After years of allowing taxpayers to see a list of law enforcement officers deemed to be compromised in their credibility as witnesses in criminal cases, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has refused to make that list public.

McKinney ponders health dangers of 5G technology – The City of McKinney wants to become the sixth Texas city to bring in carriers providing 5G wireless access. But first it will investigate what some locals believe are harmful health effects of the technology.

Hackers are holding Texas government records hostage – Ransomware attacks have been launched against at least 20 government agencies across Texas, the Dallas Morning News reported.


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