Voter fraud claim in Texas judicial election lost by one vote

voter fraud

A lawsuit filed in Kaufman County this week alleges widespread voter fraud, corruption, and paid “ballot harvesting” in an election that was won by a single vote, according to reporting from

The lawsuit was filed by Tracy Booker Gray, who was challenging Dennis Jones in the Republican primary for County Court at Law No. 1.

The vote tally was 5,473 to 5,472, with Jones winning by a whisker.

Gray also alleges “systematic, fraudulent use of the ballot system” in the use of absentee ballots “possibly illegally facilitated by members of the [Ballot] Board,” according to

Gray did not respond to repeated calls for comment from The Texas Monitor.

She also claims that voter fraud took place not just in her case, but that it’s part of a wider problem, with local officials of the Ballot Board ignoring illegal voting activities and paid ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is a tactic used by some campaigns to send people door-to-door and neighborhood-by-neighborhood to collect ballots from unwitting voters. This can happen more often in nursing homes, and in neighborhoods where there are many older residents.

Gray, in her lawsuit, points a finger at someone alleged to ballot harvest in Kaufman County.


“It is common knowledge in political circles since the 2006 General Election, that Brenda Prince is involved in ballot harvesting for hire in Kaufman County Elections,” states the petition.
Prince, in a phone interview with on Tuesday, denied the allegations.
“Nobody paid me to go out and assist with voting,” she said. “If somebody did pay me, then they need to show me the money.”
“I do what I do every year, my civic duty, and none of it would affect the elections,” she said.
“I didn’t do anything illegal and was only paid to do my civic duty assisting at the polls,” she said. “I wasn’t paid by anyone for voting for anyone.”
Gray seeks a hearing to review her claims. If they are proven, she is requesting to be declared the winner in the race for Kaufman County Court at Law No. 1, or to have the court declare the election void and order a new election.

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  1. I think any state the has more votes them people should have all of their votes null and voided. Any state that has voted fraud should also have their votes null and voided. They have no say so in Congress or who the President is. I live in Texas if you cannot do your job we will get someone that can.

    I was a Republican, but it is time for a change. I am so tired of both parties. We need people that care about America first.

  2. Anthony Padilla wow, you are the dumbest snowflake out there in the twisted world of Hillary. This dumb butt raised the stock marker to new highs, has grown more jobs then Obama knew existed, and has now lowered taxes to most of middle class which has caused businesses to give workers raises or bonuses.

    • Hillary clone? How so? Other than being female how is this his candidate in any way doing anything like Hillary? A bit sexist are you?

  3. Very interesting. Now the truth is coming out. A republican accusing another republican of voter fraud. The republicans have always said that only the democrats are involved in voter fraud. Ha

    • But what if she didn’t? Sounds like to me the game isn’t over until the court decides. It’s like saying someone lost with 3 seconds left on the clock.

  4. Voter fraud undermines our entire election process ! It literally means Dallas Hall ,( that if you vote at all ) your vote can become void by one false voter. Meaning you are being to robbed of your Constitutional right to vote.
    If 500 in each district are illegal ballots not only has a federal felony been committed ,but 500 citizens have been denied their right to vote ( a civil rights crime established in the 1960s )
    Punishable by up to 5 years in a Federal prison !!

    • I do vote. And while I agree that would be problematic, the facts are it just plain DOESN’T HAPPEN. So far, zero evidence has been presented (publically, at least) to back up these allegations. Most of the time, when someone says they want to “investigate voter fraud” they’re really just trying to scare voters away.

  5. Ballot harvesting is done all over Texas. There was a big scandal in Dallas last year involving false absentee ballots I thought they passed a new law to prevent this. I hope Tracy Gray wins and I hope this gets cleared up before the run-off because I want a fair election.


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