Texas state agencies report $24 million in property missing or stolen since 2012


KXAN has found that Texas state agencies have lost track of millions of dollars worth of state property. 

The Texas Comptroller’s Office says Texas agencies have reported that more than $24 million worth of property has gone missing since 2012, with computers and similar technology making up a big portion of the list, the TV station reported.

The Office of Court Administration, for instance, recently notified the comptroller’s office that it can’t find 16 flat-panel monitors it’s supposed to have, according to the report. 

In some cases, the property has been reported stolen — $1.5 million worth, according to the comptroller’s list. Examples include the 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 that the Texas Department of Public Safety reported as stolen and an entire surveillance system that disappeared from the possession of the Department of Criminal Justice, KXAN reported. 

The Texas Facilities Commission told the TV station that in some cases property has been transferred from one agency to another and that the inventory accounting has fallen behind. However, the Texas Legislative Council noted it hunts for items for two years before reporting them missing.


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