Texas Rangers investigated Hemphill sheriff for oppression, witness tampering


Documents obtained by ABC 7 in Amarillo reveal that Texas Rangers investigated Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis for allegedly threatening a juvenile probation officer.

Although Rangers turned over findings from their investigation to District Attorney Franklin McDonough in April, no charges have yet been filed against Lewis, the TV station reported.

Moreover, the station reported that the DA has refused to release basic information about the case, despite an attorney general’s office ruling that the records are public. 

ABC-7 obtained copies of the records from other sources, their report said. The records show that the Rangers investigated Lewis for official oppression and tampering with a witness, for threats he allegedly made in a case in February.

The TV station reported that McDonough asked its news director not to release details of the investigation when he found out about the impending TV report. 

The sheriff declined to comment to ABC 7 on Monday.


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