Texas prisoner alleges former Houston narcotics officer Gerald Goines framed him


A Texas prisoner is alleging that Gerald Goines, the former Houston police officer charged with murder for his actions in a fatally flawed drug raid, framed him on a drug charge years earlier, the Houston Chronicle reported.

It’s the first of what could be many convictions brought into question because they were based on Goines past work.

Antoine Christian filed an appeal in August that alleges Goines fabricated a story that he had found cocaine and a gun in Christian’s vehicle in November 2006.

Christian had been stopped by another officer as he left a liquor store and driven to the scene of a disturbance, apparently because that officer thought Christian might be the suspect being sought in that incident. When a witness there said Christian was not the suspect, the officer allowed Christian to return to the liquor store, the Chronicle wrote.

However, Goines soon arrived and accused Christian of lying about money in his possession; Christian told him it was from a paycheck he had cashed. Goines searched Christian’s car and claimed he found cocaine and a gun, which Christian disputes in the court filing. He alleges that Goines made up the discovery to justify the initial mistaken identity.   

Because of the recent botched drug raid that led to civilian deaths and then to murder charges against Goines, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office is reexamining about 14,000 cases involving the narcotics squad with which Goines and his former partner, Steven Bryant, worked.

“If you look at the seriousness of what’s happened, and what we’ve got him charged with, it does bring his entire career into question,” Ogg told the Chronicle on Thursday.

Goines recently admitted to investigators that, despite what he had said and written in official reports, he had no informant in the drug buy he used to justify the Jan. 28 raid of the home at 7815 Harding St. Instead, Goines bought the drugs himself and couldn’t confirm it was Harding Street resident Dennis Tuttle who sold him the narcotics. The raid led to the death of Tuttle and his wife, Rhogena Nicholas, and injuries to five officers.


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