New police citizen review board mulled in Austin, Llano police chief troubles, public records problems at Houston City Hall


Since June, a working group has been meeting quietly to discuss what kind of public oversight is needed for the Austin Police Department. The group is working to rebuild from the wreckage of the Citizen Review Panel, suspended after 17 years when the City Council in December rejected the police labor agreement that has always included the terms of the panel’s authority.

The Llano City Council this week is expected to decide the fate of Police Chief Kevin Ratliff, who was convicted July 20 of three Class A misdemeanors for his part in a questionable intoxication arrest. Ratliff’s convictions on official oppression and record-tampering continue the saga of an improper arrest in May 2017 that has left the tiny police department in disarray. The chief and three of his officers who took part in the arrest have been suspended with pay since January. Those three officers are awaiting trial on other charges, and a fourth officer was fired in June.

When it comes to making government records public, Houston City Hall largely goes by the honor system. That leads to problems for the public, and there have been more than a few.

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  1. When the hammer drops the coffins and caskets will be built from the nails driven. The ladder of Trash in the Position of Power is supported by the pathetic sheep. Their punishment is taken care of by the tax payers and they most likely will be transferred to a different County or State performing the same criminal activity.

  2. This city only has 11,000 residents? That’s $1,100 for every man woman and child. Also note that the #1 contributor to the GDP of this town is forfeitures and red light cameras. wow

  3. Midland TX(Oil Capitol of the USA) is in Desperate need of a Citizen review board…… “Quite simply, Glossop was pretty sure someone had their hand in his pocket…………

    In the years following, he has gone to elaborate lengths to prove it while the government has frustrated his attorneys’ efforts by withholding vital information that would help cinch his case…….

    “How Robbie Glossop reached the point of being a person of interest in a “develop your own probable cause” case of jaywalking is an intricate study in the politics of doing business with too-big-to-fail financial institutions in general, and Wells Fargo in the big middle of the Permian Basin oil patch in particular.”


    Is this the Whole Story…..?


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