San Antonio councilman uses Facebook to mock activist couple

March 29, 2019
Note: Council member Pelaez-Prada contacted Texas Monitor to say he had only recently learned of this article and asked for a chance to respond. 
His response:
“The job of an elected official brings me into contact with people from all walks of life and all sorts of viewpoints. That said, I have never met with, spoken with, corresponded with, or communicated with either of these people. I certainly did not send them the hostile messages and insults they claim I sent. I am perplexed and sad to hear these strange allegations and I don’t know where Mr. Foddrill got the idea that I wish him harm. Despite his claims, I harbor no ill will towards them and I wish them no harm.  Even though I don’t agree with him on many issues, Mr. Foddrill is worthy of dignity and respect and should not be subjected to harassment for expressing his viewpoints. Should the opportunity arise to ever communicate with him or meet him, Mr. Foddrill will be treated cordially. Mr. and Mrs. Foddrill have an unfettered first amendment right to engage government officials in any manner they wish and I will not discourage them or impede them from doing so.”

A San Antonio councilman took to Facebook to insult a man and his wife trying to report alleged corruption, sending private messages through the social media network to the couple suggesting they have severe mental health problems and dismissing their corruption complaint as “silly.”

“I’ve decided I can’t help you with any of this,” Councilman Manny Pelaez posted to the couple on Facebook Messenger on March 21 in regards to the corruption allegations from John and Susan Foddrill. “It is an indecipherable bowl of nonsense-spaghetti with a healthy serving of silly sauce poured on top of it.”

In another post on March 23, he shared a link to a local expert on psychosis and schizophrenia with the couple, adding: “Sending you all my prayers for a quick recovery.”

In a Facebook message dated March 16, Pelaez addressed Susan Foddrill directly, the Facebook message shows.

“Susan, stick with me! We’ll have your mental health problem fixed in no time! With John’s support and your daughter’s too, we’ll beat the monsters that haunt you. Team work Susan!! (prayer parentheses…) I just said a prayer for you ma’am. You’re welcome.”

In a later message that same day, Pelaez wrote: “I suspect it must be difficult and embarrassing to face your psychiatric illnesses, ma’am.” He also referenced the couple’s daughter again. “I don’t know your daughter’s special skills, but I’m sure she possesses one or two to help you face the dragons that lurk behind the mask of sanity you wear,” he wrote.

The posts raise questions of whether mental illness should be used as a punchline by a public official, particularly given that experts recently told the Legislature that one in five Texas adults experience a mental health condition every year. And a recent Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment noted: “Of all principal diagnoses examined, the only hospitalization rate that has increased dramatically from 2010 is for mental illness.”

Pelaez did not return calls to his council office seeking comment.

“As somebody who’s been reporting corruption for a long time, I’m used to the insults,” John Foddrill told The Texas Monitor. “People have insulted me for years. And that’s me, that’s fine. But when a man insults my wife with these vulgar insults day after day after day, I’m not going to stand for that. This is my wife. We’ve been married 48 years. This is a nice, wonderful, beautiful lady.”

To be sure, Foddrill is a long-time and well-known San Antonio gadfly. Before Pelaez told Foddrill he was not interested in his corruption tips, some of which date back to 1982, Foddrill inundated Pelaez with information. And after Pelaez said he was not going to look into the issue further, the Foddrills continued to send information.

San Antonio Councilman Manny Palaez
San Antonio Councilman Manny Palaez

When Pelaez began his Facebook messages to the Foddrills suggesting they were mentally ill, John Foddrill publicly shared messages between him and the councilman showing how Pelaez initially appeared to be interested in his corruption tips. The Foddrills suggested there was something untoward about the councilman’s new lack of interest.

He and his wife also publicly called Pelaez “Manny the Magician” on Facebook, “for making reports of public/police/judicial corruption vanish,” complete with a caricature of Pelaez with a magician’s wand and a rabbit coming out of a top hat.

Still, Foddrill insists, “I’m not badgering this man.”

Foddrill said he stopped publishing publicly anything about Pelaez completely after the councilman’s continued messages to the couple.

“We even stopped posting many comments just to avoid any more personal attacks by him,” Foddrill said. “I try to stay calm, but I’m very, very, very upset and mad because this man has attacked my wife with these vulgar comments over and over again.”

To Holly Doggett, executive director of the Texas branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, people using mental illness as an insult is, sadly, not surprising.

“It’s an easy finger-pointing mechanism for people,” Doggett said. “I don’t agree with you, so you must have a mental illness. So, go take care of that, and you’ll be more aligned with the way I think.”

What would she do if she knew of a public figure using mental illness to insult people?

“I would share some of the NAMI ‘StigmaFree’ materials with them and try to help them understand that by using the language that they’re using, that they’re not only stigmatizing and demeaning the person that they are talking to, but they actually could be discouraging other people who do have a mental health condition from seeking treatment,” Doggett said. “I mean, oh my gosh, here’s a public official berating these people and calling them mentally ill and they’re not, but if I am, what would they say about me?”

She supplied to The Texas Monitor, links to NAMI’s programs designed to help erase the stigma surrounding mental health.

The links are here:

Nine ways to fight mental health stigma

Take the StigmaFree pledge

“There are still many barriers put up to keep people from seeking treatment,” Doggett said.

“Probably the biggest one is stigma. A major part of the work that NAMI does is to fight stigma, through public awareness campaigns, helping people understand what mental a health condition is, and that mental health conditions are not the bulk of the person who has a mental health condition. We talk about how stigma can keep people from seeking treatment when they need it.”

Pelaez is councilman for San Antonio District eight, which is in the city’s northwest district. Through the middle of the district runs I-10, and the district is flanked on the west by the city of Helotes, and on the east by the city of Shavano Park.

Trent Seibert can be reached at [email protected] or at 832-258-6119.


  1. There must be something to Mr. Foddrill’s allegations, otherwise, why would the City Counsel, FBI, D.A., DoJ, etc. be so upset?? Why not sit down with Mr. Foddrill and his wife to work out a solution. I happen to agree with Mr. Foddrill, the City of San Antonio appears very, very CORRUPT, at all levels…all the way down to the court reporters! Why not step up and speak out about the corruption to “drain the swamp?” If you have nothing to hide, and have done nothing wrong…why hurt this nice man and his family with defamatory statements. When you, the City officials, do this to him and his family, it only makes his story seem true….otherwise, why would you all go out of your way to discredit and call them names. Who ever votes for any of this Pelaez guy needs their heads examined….in my opinion.

    • Ma’am, I am delightful to report that Mr. Ed Piña and Mike Bernard have agreed to serve as my lawyers. They are very smart and very ethical. We will send each of the criminals a certified letter to show them the paperwork that proves LaHood, McManus, Skully, Palaze and others have been covering up something explosive!!!!!!!!!!! What is it? That all of them have conspired with Judge Angus McGinty to have me and my wife unlawfully and against-my-will arrested for embezzlements of money from the City. It was not embezzlement’s!!! It was a loan that I got approval from my direct supervisor and he told me that didn’t have to pay it back until 2025. I have written a certified letter to the Bexar GOP offices to have them open an investigation. My friend, Mrs Smoot has taken this case and will prove it that I was wrongfully accused. So what if my wife has mental problems. That doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to an investigation and an explanation as to why I should have to pay back the $200,000 if my supervisor authorized me to not pay it back. Thank you for standing by me. MAGA

  2. The corruption in Bexar County needs to stop and I will be the one to stop it. But first, my wife needs to recover from her facial surgery. After that I will begin my anti-corruption campaign again. Please respect Susan’s privacy. Please don’t visit her at her Whataburger restaurant job and ask her about her face. Please direct all questions about her face to me.

  3. I have delivered six certified letters and all of them were returned undelivered. The FBI will investigate this. Also, I have forgiven Ed Piña and Nico LaHood. It turns out that they are innocent. Finally, Susan wants all of you to know that her plastic surgery went well. He lips are still puffy but she’ll recover nicely.

    • FBI agent Turner, AG Paxton, Houston PD Chief Acevedo, Judge Moses, US Attorney Bash, etc…This is yet another posting impersonating me and defaming my wife…..On Monday – April 30th Cibi Perez sent me a FB message indicating that the FBI wanted to speak with him . Perez is Councilman Manuel Pelaez’s friend who was supposed to be investigating the corruption and who emailed me a copy of another email supposedly authored by Bexar County TX 57th District Judge Antonia Arteaga who is at the center of the Judicial Fraud and criminal cover-up. I am forwarding copies of the message and again ask you to arrest and prosecute this person impersonating my wife and I with defamatory, harmful postings.
      Perez sent the recent message ( in part) :
      Mon 10:04pm

      When we find out who this culprit is we need to send him a certified letter and send him or her to prison sir. Lets hope the Feds can trace the source!

      Your “send him a certified letter” phrase seems a lot like all the on-line impersonator’s postings on the Texas Monitor site when he/she assumed my wife’s and my identity to post as if it was us. We are having the Houston PD and FBI check that out too. People hide behind proxy-sites but maybe your comments can be traced. let’s hope so.

      thank you.

      John E Foddrill Sr.

    • I finally got to speak with Palaze this weekend. It was a big misunderstanding causing confusion and I apologize to him and his office workers for my harassing them. Also, Joaquin Castro gets my apology too for the harassmen from me and Susan.

  4. FBI SAC Perrye K. Turner , Houston Police Chief Acevedo, AG Paxton and others have a formal complaint detailing efforts by persons to impersonate my wife and I on this forum…” On or about April 5, 2018 at 10:31 am , April 11 at 8:06 am, 8:28 am and 8:30 am and on April 12, 2018 an unknown person stole my identity and posted information on the Texas Monitor website designed to make it appear as if I posted the information. On or about April 10, 2018 at 12:45 am an unknown person stole the identity of my wife..Susan Foddrill..and posted information on the Texas Monitor website designed to make it appear as if she posted the comment. This person posted information designed to defame, harm, embarrass, alarm , intimidate and seriously disturb us. The information is designed to take revenge against us and to discredit our reports of criminal activity involving the theft of City, County, State and Federal funds by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood, DA Chief Investigator Willie Ng, San Antonio City Councilman Manuel Peleaz and others involved in an ongoing RICO-like criminal conspiracy. I want these persons prosecuted under Texas Penal Code 33.07, Texas Penal Code 42.07 , other Texas penal codes and Federal statutes. “ – John E Foddrill Sr.

  5. Sometimes, a man has to admit when he’s made poor choices. I now realize that it was not right for me to accuse Councilman Palaze of insulting me and suggesting that I suffer from mental illness. The truth is that I lied about it. Sometimes I let my temper get the best of me. Palaze did not write those messages Tommy wife or me. I wrote them. I was just so mad that I wasn’t getting him to take my calls about appointing me to the ethics board. I see now that I should have left well enough alone. I have bad days. I am not perfect. And I’m not a bad man but sometimes I let myself get carried away. I hope Palaze accepts my apology.

    • What the heck is going on here!!! I did NOT post this comment….You will be receiving at least six CERTIFIED letters demanding a retraction, an apology, and that everyone be arrested and thrown in prison. I will also get my excellent lawyer, Melinda Gaul, to sue the impostor. Melinda Gail is the best attorney in town and she will teach you all a lesson you’ll never forget.

      • Trent Seibert and TM, I didn’t post this comment either! What kind of internet prank is this? This is no way to run a new site. I am the real John Foddrill and I will not be mocked. Please expect a CERTIFIED letter by the end of next week in which I make my demands. One of those demands will be that you surrender all your records. I believe that your organization has been infiltrated by Catholics and the Uresti disciples of the Illuminati. I am not messing around, gentlemen. This is why we need to MAGA!

  6. Hugh Miller and Richard Varn, are victims of the conspiracy at City Hall. Those men did the right thing EVERY TIME and they were thanked for their efforts with false accusations of RICO violations and fraud on te court. They were my coworkers and my friends. Hate that the crooks dragged Hugh and Richard’s reputations through the mud. Miller and Varn deserve medals of honor for their service and ethics. We should all hope to be as resolute and honest as them. I always taught my kids to behave themselves the way that Miller and Varn behaved in the face of adversity. When I think of those men, the words “honor”, “honest”, and “character” are how I remember them. My hope is that one day they’ll forgive me for the part I played in making their jobs difficult. I realize now that the real crook behind all of the crimes committed was Carlos Uresti and ONLY Carlos Uresti.

    • Trent Seibert..TM…I did NOT post this comment….You will be receiving a letter along with AG Paxton. Houston PD and the Feds asking that the person impersonating my wife and I be arrested and prosecuted…thank you

      • $hit, man. I totally really wrote it. This one I wrote. Maybe not the others. This one I did though. Sorry for the false alarm.

  7. My attorney is Edward Piña. He is one of the most ethical and smartest men I know. He has a good grasp of the facts of the criminal conspiracy at City Hall. Mr. Piña agrees with me that Willie Wng at the DA’s office has been very helpful and honest with us. Willie Wng has the heart of a servant leader and I owe him a debt of gratitude.

    • Trent Seibert..TM…I did NOT post this comment….You will be receiving a letter along with AG Paxton. Huston PD and the Feds asking that the person impersonating my wife and I be arrested and prosecuted…thank you

  8. I found this Fodril on Facebook. Hundreds of posts which detail his intricate conspiracy theories. ZERO likes or comments from anyone other than himself and his wife. Doesn’t seem like anyone takes this dude seriously…except for the Texas Monitor.

  9. John and I are happy to confirm that we are closing the books on our investigation of Willie Wng and Nico LaHood. For years we’ve been insisting that these gentlemen were part of the conspiracy to keep the truth from getting out. I’m happy that LaHood and Wng finally came thru for us and did some serious investigatory work. In our eyes, they have been redeemed. We are big enough to admit it. Yesterday I received a packet of documents from Nico’s office in which he proves that he and Wng followed thru with all their duties. Simple fact is that they were never able to tell us about their investigations. Not knowing was driving poor John up a wall—-to the point of having to seek help. Thanks to our friends that have been supportive during John’s recovery.

    • Trent Seibert, Texas Monitor….I did NOT post this comment. Please determine who stole my identity and who posted this defamatory, libelous information making it appear as if I posted the comment. Screen-shots of this and the other comment posted by a person stealing John’s identity will be included in a certified letter being mailed to the FBI, the DOJ, AG Paxton , Houston police chief and others. I will send a copy via email to you as well. This is the second comment where someone assumed our identities and posted information defaming us with untrue information posted to cause us harm. thank you…Susan Foddrill

      • This is very disturbing. We have to get to the bottom of this. I will send a certified letter to myself so that I can investigate. Once I’m finished investigating, I will send another certified letter to myself confirming what we already know—that money spent on postage for years of unanswered certified letters was a pretty dumb investment.

  10. The irony is that those Fodreal people are probably best served if they DO take his advice and seek some mental health care. They sound bonkers.

  11. An elected official “should” know how to address issues and concerns professionally-no matter how it is addressed…shame on the councilman for his unprofessional conduct…and to hurl mental health conditions-double shame on him…..ethics review at the very least….

  12. Like I said. Batshit crazy and she happily provided the proof of that, although she did fail to show proof that I ever made Any threats or to prove I was somehow friends with any council, or to prove I went to jail for said threats or that I was part of this “anon” thing. I ask for proof, but none given, much like my [email protected]*ks given to their insane crusade.ZERO.


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