Rosenberg City Council censures member after he pushes for drug, alcohol testing


The Rosenberg City Council voted earlier this month to censure council member Isaac Davila after he pushed for a policy to test his peers for drug and alcohol use, the Houston Chronicle reported. 

Although the policy passed – with the stipulation that Davila pay for the tests – other council members weren’t happy with what they call his conspiracy theories, including allegations that they were showing up to meetings with alcohol on their breaths.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, ever,” council member Steven De Gregorio told the newspaper of the alcohol accusations. “I would love to see everybody put all this crap aside and just do our jobs and work for the people of Rosenberg.” 

Davila said he pushed for the policy because he felt it was the right thing to do.

“I’m not out there to win points,” he told the Chronicle. “I’m out there to do my job for my community.” 

The newspaper said the latest incident is just one of several issues for a council that seems mired in bitter politics. Davila has criticized the council as mayor-controlled and hand-picked and has questioned whether the council is properly following the Texas Open Meetings Act. 

Mayor William Benton told the newspaper that Davila, who is serving his first term, “craves attention.” Benton said Davila, who launched an unsuccessful bid to unseat him this year, picks fights because he hasn’t gotten his way on some issues.  

At the Dec. 10 meeting at which Davila was censured, Benton lambasted him for costing the city thousands of dollars.

“You’ve wasted countless number of staff hours,” he said. “You’ve wasted council and the general public’s time on your baseless allegations.”


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