Reynolds wanting ‘get out of jail quick’ card, Vandergriff didn’t disclose connections while serving as state appointee, Amarillo mayor squares off with a group of locals


Four makes seven. As in state Rep. Walter “Four” Price IV, now the seventh announced candidate to become speaker of the Texas House.

Should state Rep. Ron Reynolds serve his full one-year jail sentence on a 2015 misdemeanor conviction, he will make some dubious legislative history.

Former Texas Transportation Commission member Victor Vandergriff represented a private employer before state government and worked as a mediator in transportation disputes for at least two years during his tenure but failed to disclose those potential conflicts of interest in filings required by the state.

The state supreme court and the governor are closing in on red light camera systems in dozens of cities across Texas.

A fight over the right to applaud may not sound like the opening salvo of a revolution, but it might at least be one of the seeds of a revolt in Amarillo.

The City of Fort Worth is suing the state, contesting a July ruling from the attorney general’s office that it must release records related to use of force by the police department.


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