Northside district teacher accused of breaking special-needs student’s fingers


A Northside school district teacher is accused of breaking the fingers of a special-needs student, WOAI reported.

A district spokesperson told the TV station the John Hoffman Elementary School teacher was placed on administrative leave Monday while the incident is investigated. The district also reported the incident to Northside school district police.

Heather Reed, mother of injured fourth-grade student Rihanna Everett, told WOAI she received a call from the school Friday morning informing her that the teacher, who hasn’t been named, stepped on Rihanna’s hand and threw a toy at her during an argument. 

Doctors found that Rihanna’s middle and ring fingers had been broken during the incident. 

“The doctor was telling me that now her fingers may never grow to the length they’re supposed to,” Reed told WOAI.

Rihanna suffers from a genetic disorder known as tuberous sclerosis, which makes her susceptible to tumors throughout her body.


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