Lamar HS Football Booster Club member arrested for taking $20,000

Lamar HS Football Booster Club

An Arlington woman was arrested Tuesday for taking almost $20,000 from the Lamar High School Football Booster Club. Apparently on the lam, Shelly Marie Dwyer was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio on a warrant out of Arlington.

According to reports, Dwyer was charitable with some of the $19,077 she allegedly copped, giving money to the North Texas Humane Society along with buying some airline tickets and paying utility and phone bills.

Dwyer was busted after the vice president of the booster club, named the Viking Club, became suspicious upon finding the club’s quarterly taxes had not been paid in the second part of 2017. He also noted some unauthorized expenses charged to the club’s credit card.

According to an account in the Dallas Morning News, “after the booster club’s board asked Dwyer for all the financial information in her possession in early March, she admitted taking money from the club for her personal use, according to the affidavit, but said she was working to pay it back. The board removed her from her role as treasurer on March 4.”

Dwyer, the story said, offered to pay up, but the club went forward with charges.

Individuals pay up to $350 to be a member of the booster club. There are over 1,000 booster clubs in Texas that have filed the necessary paperwork to qualify as non-profit groups, supporting everything from cheerleader squads to volleyball teams.

Malfeasance is not common, but when it happens, the betrayal factor makes it news.  Among the more recent episodes:

* In 2013, the former president of the Crowley High School Cheer Booster Club was arrested for alleged credit card abuse related to monies associated with the club;

* The treasurer of the Groesbeck ISD Band Booster club got 10 years of probation for stealing $50,000 in funds between 2013 and 2016.

* In 2017, the treasurer of the Alvarado High School band booster club admitted stealing $50,000 of club money to pay some bills.

* A Denton County woman who stole $18,92 from the Ponder Fine Arts Booster Club in 2014 and 2015 got five years of probation in March and must pay back the cash.

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  1. that happened at my high school/ reunion funds/ and she ended up on natl television… pathetic, as she was a jerk even back in high school…. so it didnt surprise me, some people never change


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