State Rep was behind secret Facebook push against local bond

Rep. Kyle Biedermann
Rep. Kyle Biedermann

The man behind a secret group with a passionate anti-soccer-field bond Facebook page is hometown state Rep. Kyle Biedermann, the local paper reported.

A Republican from Fredericksburg, Biedermann spearheaded an anonymous movement against the $12.6 million bond, which would fund soccer fields, as well as other sports fields, playgrounds, and other projects, according to the Fredericksburg Standard.

A very active Facebook page by a group calling itself Concerned Taxpayers of Fredericksburg emerged during the run-up to the election and drew much attention.

See the Facebook page here.

The arguments against the bond surrounded the issue of possible increased property taxes and that the city already had acres and acres of open land for such endeavors.

The Fredericksburg Standard, in the aftermath of Election Day, found that Biedermann was behind the organization and the Facebook page.

From the Fredericksburg Standard on Nov.8, the day after Election Day:

The effort by a group calling itself “Concerned Taxpayers of Fredericksburg” created a Facebook page… it turns out the state representative led the mostly anonymous movement against the parks project all along.

The name Kenneth K. Biedermann is listed on an Oct. 25 Doing Business As (DBA) filing with the Gillespie County Clerk’s Office for a group “Concerned Taxpayers of Fredericksburg.” (This newspaper runs these business filings each week on its business page.)

The group also sent mailers and some locals reported getting phone calls encouraging them to vote against the bond issue.

When the Texas Tribune came calling on Nov. 20 for Biedermann in connection with this issue, he laughed off his involvement.

From the Texas Tribune:

When the Tribune asked Biedermann about the Facebook page, he declined to say why he hadn’t put his name to it.

“Attempting to say I hid behind a Facebook page is laughable. Everyone in the community knew I was opposing the bond, and the majority of voters agreed with me,” Biedermann said Monday morning. “There is nothing to regret, and I will continue to openly communicate my position on this issue.”

The parks bond lost 667 to 767, a loss that Fredericksburg Mayor Linda Langerhans blamed on Biedermann’s efforts.

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  1. What makes me mad is the recent passing of 39 million bond here. The vote was certified in the same meeting where a 3.5 million tax waiver was granted to someone wanting to remodel an office space. There were zero conditions on the perosn getting the abatement being accountable for a return to the county.


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