Houston activist files FTA complaint, Brown County took money from criminal defendants, Abbott angry at DHHS, and Dallas ISD wants more tax cash.


A local Houston activist has filed a complaint with the Federal Transit Administration, saying that a rapid bus line spearheaded by the Uptown management district in the tony Galleria area of the city will hurt the handicapped population because of a behind-closed-doors decision to move a transit stop away from where a bus stop has traditionally been.

The county attorney in Brown County took money from criminal defendants, according to records cited by the ABC affiliate in Abilene. The records were obtained via a public information request with the sheriff’s office in Brown County, located 175 miles southwest of the Metroplex. The office initiated an investigation into County Attorney Shane Britton involving cases filed between 2009 and 2014.

Days after the Texas State Auditor issued a report critical of its handling of a $10 million contract, Gov. Greg Abbott assigned his senior financial advisor to personally find out what went wrong over at the Department of Health and Human ServicesIn the language used in the statement made by spokesman Matt Hirsch, it was clear Abbott wanted the public to know he meant business.

Administrators at Dallas ISD are again seeking to ask voters for a 13 cent per $100 valuation property tax increase for the third time in three yearsBut they can’t get trustees to agree to the ballot measure. According to media reports, the money has already been spent.

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