HCC’s Dave Wilson makes new waves with website


Perjury by Houston Community College trustees and video purportedly showing that a trustee lives outside her district were among accusations raised by HCC Trustee Dave Wilson on a just-launched website.

Wilson acknowledged that his website, www.davewilsonhcc.com, was likely to be controversial. He said his goal in pointing a finger at his fellow trustees was to improve the leadership in the college system, which spans across Harris County and also services Alief, Stafford, and parts of Missouri City.

“The culture needs to change at HCC,” Wilson told The Texas Monitor. “I’m really trying to make a positive change.”

Wilson’s allegations include: 

  • Trustee Adriana Tamez does not reside in her district, as required. Wilson suggests that instead of her small East End home, Tamez is residing in a spacious River Oaks high rise. On his website he includes shaky video taken earlier this month of what he said is Tamez entering the tony apartment complex. Tamez dismissed Wilson’s website as “a waste of time.”
  • Some trustees perjured themselves earlier this year by not completing HCC’s annual trustee orientation training program — but indicated on official time-stamped forms that they had.
  • A new table for the board’s official meetings cost taxpayers nearly $500,000. Wilson suggests the table was not needed and was purchased without the consent of a majority of trustees. “I apologize to the taxpayers of Houston Community College for three Board Members squandering half a million dollars of your money,” Wilson states on the website.

Trustees generally dismissed Wilson’s site as part of his antics.

While in general, it’s rare in Harris County for an elected official to raise such questions publically about other elected officials, Wilson has long been vocal about what he describes as a culture of corruption in the college system, and has a string of complaints about the administration’s handling of student performance.

Supporters of Wilson call him a strong advocate for students and taxpayers.

Critics call him a crank — or worse.

Wilson narrowly defeated an incumbent to win election to the board in 2013 based on a campaign in which critics say he deceived voters in the largely black district into believing he was black. Wilson is white.

In 2015 he filed a complaint with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office saying college officials unlawfully overpaid when they spent $8.5 million on a former Conn’s building that was initially appraised at a much lower amount. Authorities found no evidence of a crime in the case.

The County Attorney sued Wilson of living outside his own district. Wilson won that challenge.

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