Police veterans seeking to unearth Texas corruption launch Government Crime Stoppers


A team of law enforcement veterans on Thursday launched Government Crime Stoppers, an organization which offers up to $10,000 in cash rewards for tips that can put elected officials in a courtroom for bribery, influence peddling, and sexual harassment.

“We’re looking for corrupt government officials, which has been a problem throughout the state,” said James “Perry” Huckabay, who heads the program. “For years I’ve envisioned this. Twenty-five years ago I was hoping for something like this.”

Huckabay has been a crime stopper since the late 1970s, when he founded the Crime Stoppers Program in Tyler, Texas.

Since then Huckabay has created educational programs for students internationally with the Texas Crime Prevention Institute, served on the Austin Crime Stoppers Board of Directors, and participated in the development of the statewide Crime Stoppers Program in Texas.

After graduating at the top of his class in the International Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Academy, Huckabay gained over 10 years of field experience as an active police officer.

The Government Crime Stoppers site can be seen by clicking here.

While Huckabay said that the site will collect tips about any illegal activity, the site has specific rewards for several topics.

The site reads: “In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, a landslide of sexual harassment allegations are appearing in places of work around the nation — including the legislature of the State of Texas.”

The reward for delivering information on that is $2,500.

Government Crime Stoppers Web Page
The web page that issues a $2,500 reward for sexual harassment and assault in the Texas State Legislature.

Rewards for information about conflicts of interest in the Harlandale Independent School District and the Donna Independent School District are also available.

“We’re hoping to have some great results so we can have a good clean government, and government officials who do the right thing,” Huckabay said.

While most other Crime Stoppers organizations operate in a single geographic region, Government Crime Stoppers has plans to expand to states around the country after honing its operation in Texas.

Encrypted and fully anonymous tips regarding the illegal actions of office-holders and other public servants will be collected online through the world’s leading tip solution provider, Anderson Software.

“Our goal is not only to assist authorities in prosecuting open indictments but also to expose corruption that might not otherwise be discovered,” said Richard Carter, an advisor to Government Crime Stoppers and the former executive director of Crime Stoppers International, Inc.

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  1. How about Marlin Tx where cops sex drives are more important than their badges? The good city folk form 160 fake non-profits, don’t report a penny to the IRS and laundry the money up for the cartel…. Marlin is a joke. I was raped by an onduty cop, when I turned it in I was setup and sent to prison at 57 yo! You dont start getting in trouble at 57! They even changed my name and would not let my family know where I was.

  2. Bastrop needs to be investigated . My son was last known to be alive there suffering complications of type 1 diabetes . Never been seen or heard from again . Missing from Houston since. May 2 , 2015 Johnathan Lee Hamilton Missing

  3. OK, well why on Earth wouldn’t they start where corruption has reigned since the 1950’s????… Say CHICAGO, or the state of Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, California, Virginia.. I mean there are many states with a longer history of and a lot more outright corruption that Texas… OK, Dallas, Austin, and Houston have their share, but they are ALL Liberal cities run by Democrats. Maybe if they start looking at the DNC, and work out from there we could take them seriously about this being government corruption they want to investigate… Sure looks to me like it is ONLY Republicans they want to investigate.


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