DeSoto residents urge recall of city council member who benefited from husband’s fraud


DeSoto residents are again calling for the ouster of city council member Candice Quarles after records revealed she benefited from her husband’s theft of taxpayer money, The Dallas Morning News reported.

“If Councilwoman Quarles does not declare her resignation by week’s end, we will officially begin our recall campaign to forcibly remove her,” resident Cheri Simerly told the council at its meeting Tuesday night, according to the newspaper. 

Jeremiah Quarles pleaded guilty to illegally charging $9,000 to a city credit card between 2013 and 2016. The Morning News found that part of the money went to pay Candice Quarles’ tuition of $3,250 for a Dallas Regional Chamber leadership program. The newspaper reported that receipts submitted to the city had been altered to remove her name.

Some town officials, including Mayor Curtisene McCowan, learned of the malfeasance but kept the information under wraps, the Morning News reported.

Candice Quarles claims her husband took care of the bills and that she didn’t know about the fraud, but the newspaper reported her husband told detectives she was aware of at least one fraudulent transaction.

DeSoto officials revealed in a private meeting last week with some residents that Jeremiah Quarles may have used as much as $26,000 in taxpayer money on personal expenses when he was head of the town’s economic development corporation, the Morning News reported. The recent revelation has renewed the ire of residents.

At Tuesday’s meeting, 15 members of a group calling itself Citizens of DeSoto United for Truth & Accountability spoke in favor of the recall. DeSoto residents would have to collect 2,400 signatures of registered voters in the next six months to force a recall vote, the newspaper reported.


  1. Petty. Our people. Kill each other. Over some change. They have been doing millions of dollars for years. Example Grand Praire former Supt.


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