HCC trustee files second lawsuit against fellow board members

Dave Wilson (second from right) with fellow trustees and HCC's Chancellor
Dave Wilson (second from right) with fellow trustees and HCC's Chancellor

HOUSTON — Houston Community College Trustee Dave Wilson on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against his fellow trustees alleging that the board chairwoman and the board’s attorney prevented Wilson from attending a closed-session meeting by saying he was “an adversarial party to the board.”

“As long as they keep trying to take away my rights as a trustee, I’m going to keep filing lawsuits,” Wilson said.

This is the second lawsuit that Wilson has filed against his fellow trustees. The first was a suit alleging that the HCC trustees violated their own open meeting rules, which state that trustees may only vote in person, yet one trustee voted via video conference during a recent meeting.

Wilson being shut out of the closed meeting — which trustees attend but the public cannot because confidential issues are discussed — stems from his first lawsuit.

Because Wilson is suing the HCC board, Trustee Chairwoman Eva Lorado and board attorney Melissa Mihalick stopped Wilson from attending a discussion of that suit, saying it was “a conflict of interest,” according to the lawsuit.

Wilson denies he is an adversarial party and said that his first suit was only filed so that the trustees can clear up their rules and apply them uniformly.

Wilson would make “no personal gain from the prior lawsuit, nor has a personal interest at stake,” so there is no conflict of interest in him attending the closed session discussion, the second lawsuit reads.

Wilson also said that by shutting him out of the closed session, he can’t fully represent his constituents.

“They are trying to take their voices away,” Wilson said.

HCC officials declined to comment, saying they have not yet been served with the suit.

When asked if filing yet another suit against his colleagues would damage his working relationship with the trustees, Wilson shrugged off the question.

“I don’t want to make friends, I want to make a difference,” he said.


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