Dallas Police Association president dismisses call for resignation in wake of Amber Guyger trial

Dallas police

Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata is adamant that he will not resign in the wake of the sentencing of former officer Amber Guyger, WFAA-TV reported.

“I will not resign as president of the DPA,” Mata said. “I will continue to protect the rights of my members and every officer within the Dallas Police Department.”

Guyger, 31, received a 10-year prison sentence for murder Wednesday for the September 2018 shooting of Jean. Guyger said she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment unit directly above hers, mistook him for a burglar and shot him dead.

It was revealed in the trial that, after the shooting, Mata walked up to the squad car in which Guyger was sitting, had the in-car camera turned off, and told her not to talk to anyone, the TV station reported.

Mata said he was following protocol by having the camera turned off, calling the discussion he had with Guyger “attorney-client privilege.”

“And I was not acting as an officer. I was acting as president of a labor organization,” Mata said.

Police Chief Renee Hall said internal affairs will investigate Mata’s response to the shooting, noting that some policy changes may be needed “to ensure that this community truly trusts our ability to police this community.”

Mata said he welcomes the examination.


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