Cibolo mayor arrested for tampering with a government record


Cibolo’s mayor was arrested last week for tampering with a government record after investigators with the Texas Attorney General’s Office determined he swore untruthfully in 2017 that he had not been convicted of a felony, KSAT-TV reported. 

The Cibolo City Council is already taking steps to remove Stanley “Stosh” Boyle, 43, from the mayor’s position after it was recently discovered that he pleaded guilty in 1998 to conspiracy to possess the drug known as Ecstasy, with intent to distribute. He was sentenced to four years of probation on the felony charge.

Candidates for political office in Texas must state they have not been convicted of a felony for which they have not been pardoned. State law says that tampering with a government record can involve either altering a record or knowingly making a false entry. Tampering with a government record is a class A misdemeanor.

The TV station pointed out that Boyle made the same declaration this year in anticipation of running for re-election.

Councilman Brian Byrd brought up Boyle’s conviction at the council’s July 23 meeting. The council of the town northeast of San Antonio asked Boyle, but he refused. The council will hold a special meeting on Aug. 20 to consider voting him out. Six of the seven council members must vote to remove him for the motion to pass, KSAT reported.

Boyle released a statement to the TV station Wednesday that said, “Mayor Stosh Boyle isn’t going anywhere.”    

“This latest series of events amounts to nothing more than the politicization of our criminal justice system,” he said. “Nowadays, if your political opponents can’t beat you at the ballot box, they attempt to misuse our justice system to thwart the will of the voters.”


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