Beaumont councilman demands council members air their beefs with him in public


Beaumont City Councilman Michael Getz has demanded that discussion by his fellow council members about him take place in public, rather than in executive session, KFDM reported.

Getz said he was surprised that an executive session had been scheduled at Tuesday’s meeting for council members to talk about him.

“It seems to derive from the fact that I contacted [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] to get clarification on the rules and how funding that the City of Beaumont is able to receive from Hurricane Harvey damage is to be utilized,” he told the TV station.

Beaumont has $19 million in federal aid left over from what it spent for bank stabilization at Riverfront Park after Hurricane Harvey tore through the city. Although some city leaders suggested the money be used to purchase property or relocate city hall, Getz said FEMA told him the funds could only be used to repair damage caused by the hurricane.

City Manager Kyle Hayes told 12NEWS that the call “undermined” the council.

The council now plans to discuss Getz’s actions in public during a Dec. 3 meeting.

Mayor Becky Ames released a statement to 12NEWS that said the purpose of the executive session was to address Getz’s actions “on several occasions” and was not disciplinary in nature.

“The reason for the closed session request was to address this issue privately out of respect for Mr. Getz, which is legal and acceptable,” she said. “I will reserve my comments for the public hearing as requested by the councilmember, out of fairness to him.” 


  1. Here is my thoughts. Too many times some councilmembers seems to always want to sometimes use money from FEMA for their own special projects!!! Well excuse me, ( and Mike Getz) for us not wanting to break government rules on how to use those repair monies instead of creating problems with FEMA and losing any possible help for all the repairs to this city. If you do not want to rebuild or repair Riverfront park then REPAIR OUR DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, REPAIR OUR STREETS!!! WE HAVE POT HOLES THE SIZE OF POUGHKEEPSIE!! REPAIR THE HOUSES FEMA REJECTED OR TEAR DOWN THE DAMN HOUSES AND REBUILD and NOT WAITING ON TEXAS LAND OFFICE. Sorry but in the past the city leaders have had poor management and ideas about where civic hall should have been. You made a horrible mistake in placing it too close to a river!!! That building next to city Hall was supposed to be a ice skating rink and a place for social gatherings and concerts. What happened there? You built Ford Park way out on IH 10 that floods Downtown’s vitality has been piss poor!!! You backed Crockett street only to see all venues and restaurants downtown disappear. You never once polled the people(taxpayers) on whether this was a good idea! Cops on bikes parked in front of Crockett Street talking was in fact one bad idea. I was mugged in a parking lot two blocks over. Not one of them came to help or was in earshot of my yells. I fought that creep alone and I was 56 at the time. No woman or man is safe from the crime sprees downtown. We don’t feel safe anywhere there!!! Put up some cameras on all street corners or parking lots Forget the damn stop lights unless you feel that’s the only way the police department can get their quotas in! And you want to move Mardi Gras here instead of Port Arthur? Hmm I felt safer there than here! Will I be going to Mardi Gras downtown? Not if I want my pockets picked, face some idiot with a knife or gun Sure don’t want kids or grandkids watching any lurid or nude actions from strangers. Mike Getz made a decision to check out the rules behind using government funds for feckless projects. Some of you better get a grip or be replaced. We are tired of all the corruptness of local, state and federal representatives. Its not the “good ole boy” concept anymore. You act like the damn democrats up in Congress behind closed doors! We elected each and everyone of you WE want transparency all the time. Do yourselves and us a favor. Repair what is broken or be replaced!!!!! Quit trying to find a new way to choke taxpayers with additional raising of taxes for new projects that always seem to fail!!! We have a new event center OK. So why is Ford park still in the RED? Why don’t you poll your citizens and see what we truly want and need!!!!!!!!!


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