Week in Review: Speaker race dustup punted, voter fraud law inked


Chris Marrou’s Week in Review

A highly anticipated House Caucus meeting was held this week that could set the stage for a fight for the House Speaker’s seat.

The state Republican Party, as well as the Texas House Freedom Caucus, wants the GOP House members to gather behind one of their own members before the official vote for House Speaker which includes Republicans and Democrats.

No decision was made at the meeting but that the issue would be on the agenda again when House members meet for their annual retreat next month.

No vote on Speaker race rules, members meet again in September

Governor Greg Abbott has put his signature on a law to toughen Texas voter fraud penalties, the first law to beef-up voter fraud punishment in 14 years.

The law takes effect in December and is designed to crack down on illegally casting the mail-in ballot of another individual.

Texas voter fraud penalties tighten for first time in 14 years

A Houston bribery scheme continues to make headlines.

This week the Texas Monitor reported on the many red flags that should have altered colleagues to Houston Community College Trustee Chris Oliver’s suspicious behavior that led to him ultimately pleading guilty to bribery charges.\

The red flags of a bribery scheme

The day after our story, a Houston Community College Trustee announced he had hired his own investigators to probe the college system for any other possible corruption.

The investigators have already started asking for information such as cell phone records, emails and details on HCC vendor contracts.

HCC Trustee hires investigators to probe college

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  1. I, for one, am thankful for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus. He is responsible for keeping some certifiably insane Texas state senators and our unhinged Lt Governor from destroying the state as we know it.

    • Jeanie Spence – if right and wrong were subject to a popularity contest, Texas would still have legalized slavery. Straus has worked to uphold the State constitution by not allowing state tax dollars to be spent on religious education. He is working at the request of the business community by not passing a LGBT state sanctioned discrimination law, that they know would impede the growth of business. He is trying to help Texas public education funding that is being financially starved by the Lt Governor and the state senate. In case you didn’t know, Texas is ranked 43 out of 50 in educational results. Straus is far from a liberal. He reflects traditional GOP values, from an era when the party was concerned with economic growth, and not obsessed with telling everyone how they could use their bodies, that teachers are overpaid and lazy, and what bathroom they could use.

  2. Dude !!!!!
    Why don’t ya go fishing , take a hike in the woods and enjoy nature , take your loved ones with you and enjoy life while it’s good ! Put all your worries and cares ,
    Leave all that bs , aside . You a good man sir . Meditate on God’s wonderful promises , and declare them upon your family and leave a lasting impression and blessings for them !
    God bless you !

  3. It’s a sponsored post, which means someone is paying money to influence my views. It won’t work, though, because I do not see things as right/left or conservative/liberal.


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