Week in Review: 06.09.2019


Both houses of Texas Legislature ban red light cameras -The state Senate voted 23-8 this afternoon to ban red light traffic cameras in Texas. The Senate followed the lead of the House, which voted overwhelmingly May 7 to ban the cameras. The Senate version of the bill by Sen. Bob Hall, R-Edgewood, now goes to Gov. Greg Abbott to be signed into law. Abbott made getting rid of the cameras a priority in this session.

The math seems simple: How many times did UT officials sidestep regular admissions procedures? – In the wake of a national college admissions scandal in March that included the University of Texas at Austin, UT System public relations staffers scrambled to find the answer to a question: How many times since 2015 have the system’s eight schools admitted students by special dispensation from one of the campus presidents?

A $212 million final chance for DPS on drivers’ licenses – Exasperated Texas legislators began this past session committed to correcting the state’s troubled driver’s license registration system and to stop throwing good money after bad trying to do it.


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