UTSA students name men they accuse of sexual assault


Six women stood on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus on Wednesday, holding posters listing the names of seven men they accused of sexual assault or dating violence,  the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Desiré Walker, a senior, explained to onlookers that the group, called Change Rape Culture, was naming the male students “to shed light on rape culture, to make it better for women and men,” according to the newspaper.

The group, formed in November, is unhappy with UTSA’s handling of accusations of sexual assault and decided to hold the demonstration after investigations by the university and police did not lead to charges. Members of Change Rape Culture also posted the names of the men on social media. The Express-News did not identify the men because they haven’t been charged with crimes.

“Nobody has seen anyone held accountable and that is why we’re doing this today,” group member Kimiya Factory told the newspaper.

Although the crowd of several dozen was mostly supportive of the demonstration, some friends of the accused attended and denied the accusations on their behalf. Justice Dominics took photos that he told the Express-News could be used as evidence in future lawsuits.

Dominics told the newspaper he knew three of the accused and that the women were “just making false accusations.”

But fellow student Anika Brown said the men named on the posters were “repeat offenders.”

UTSA President Taylor Eighmy sent an email to students Wednesday afternoon noting the demonstration while not discussing whether the tactics were appropriate, the Express-News reported. He said the school opened a Title IX investigation following the allegations, but declined to release more details, citing federal privacy laws.


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