Uresti handed five-year concurrent sentence for bribery, Georgetown newspaper says mayor threatened editor over coverage, Legislators file bills to stop cities’ actions on paid sick leave


Former state Sen.Carlos Uresti has had a five-year concurrent sentence for bribery added to the 12 years he got in June for his role in a failed multimillion-dollar investment scheme.

In the bustling enclave about an hour north of Austin, city officials have been accused of withholding contracts and other documents from a local newspaper, about the city’s move to all-renewable energy.

Gov. Greg Abbott wasted no time getting behind bills filed this week that would prohibit cities from dictating pay and benefits guidelines, including mandatory paid sick leave, for Texas businesses.

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau has agreed to changes in the way it reports its finances in the wake of revelations that it failed to inform board members of advance payments made to its CEO.



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