Two dozen Dallas police officers disciplined for offensive social media posts


More than two dozen Dallas police officers have been disciplined after it was discovered they made bigoted and otherwise offensive posts on social media, the Associated Press reported.

The Dallas Police Department’s code of conduct forbids officers from making such posts, which included mocking protestors who had been pepper-sprayed and joking about the victims of police shootings, the news service reported. 

Police officials said Friday an internal review found that 25 officers had made questionable posts and four of those were placed on administrative leave because their comments were extreme in nature.

The disciplinary measures come after the release of the Plain View Project, which cataloged thousands of offensive posts by police officers in several states, including Texas. The AP noted that more than 1,000 of those posts came from people identified as current and former Dallas officers.

That project came about after Philadelphia attorneys discovered in 2016 that numerous local police officials were posting content on Facebook that appeared to endorse violence, racism and bigotry. Researchers than spent two years examining Facebook accounts of officers around the country with the hope that local police departments would address the findings.


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