Why are Texas voters so forgiving, the Uresti saga continues, and Geren beats French


Whispers of questionable activity, indictments and even felony convictions cannot thwart a die-hard voter or dampen the enthusiasm of an elected official.

State Sen. Carlos Uresti has filed a motion for a new trial, claiming the jury was exposed to potentially prejudicial statements by U.S. District Judge David Ezra.

More on Uresti: He’s on the hook for up to $3 million in restitution, the federal government claims in a filing unsealed this week. Uresti was convicted last month on 11 fraud-related counts.

State Rep. Charlie Geren practically assured himself of a tenth term, beating Bo French Tuesday night in what was one of the most bitter primary races in this election cycle.

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  1. A bunch of stupid voting going on in Texas. Now we have two Paxton’s to deal with. I’m probably going to vote on the blue’s this time. Not one of these aholes are for the people of Texas in my opinion.

  2. I wonder about that Attorney General that was charged as a swindler, political cover up by Abbott..???? I mean fraud of investors??? friends??/ If he will defraud those people should he be in charge of the ATTORNEY GENERAL”S OFFICE FOR THE STATE OFTEXAS .


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