Teacher who literally tossed student out of classroom resigns


A Waco teacher resigned after injuring a Tennyson Middle School student by carrying the boy and the desk in which he was sitting out of his classroom and dumping both on the porch.

Daniel Murany, a coach and social studies teacher, quit on Friday, KWTX 10 in Waco reported. Murany had been placed on administrative leave Thursday after video of the incident — recorded by another student in the class — surfaced.

It’s not clear what precipitated the incident.

“Certainly the video shows very clearly what happened and left no doubt for us that this was just unacceptable,” Waco school district spokesman Kyle DeBeer told the TV station.

“It doesn’t matter what happened before the video starts. It’s not appropriate for a teacher to pick up a student in their desk like that,” DeBeer said, according to Fox 44. He added that district officials are in communication with the family “because we want to make sure that the student is OK.”

Family members said the boy’s back and ankle were hurt in the incident and that they planned to hire an attorney.

“We are not happy that in a place, a school, where we thought our son was safe, he was treated this way,” the family said in a statement to KWTX.


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