Tarrant County judge sues colleague over alleged intimidation tactics

Tarrant County deputies

A Tarrant County judge is suing a second local judge, alleging that she used her position to intimidate the first judge and damage her career.

Diane Scott Haddock, associate judge for the 233rd State District Court, is also suing the county, saying it failed to control the defendant, 360th State District Judge Patricia Baca-Bennett.

The suit alleges that Baca-Bennett objected to social media commentary by Scott Haddock’s husband, Gerald Haddock, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Baca-Bennett also allegedly told Scott Haddock to stop her husband from posting social media comments in support of an opponent of James Munford, whom Baca-Bennett was backing in a judicial election.

Gerald Haddock is affiliated with Tarrant Families Matter, and Baca-Bennett allegedly told Scott Haddock to get her husband and the organization to “stop badgering” Munford, the Star-Telegram reported.

Scott Haddock alleges in her lawsuit that Baca-Bennett threatened to have her fired and harassed her on social media and in person, to the extent that Scott Haddock developed medical problems that required treatment. She also “ceased going to work on weekends where she would be unprotected, and during the work week, [Scott Haddock] is now never outside the presence of her bailiff,” the lawsuit states.

Tarrant County on Oct. 31 filed for dismissal of the suit in federal court. Lawyers for the district attorney’s office wrote in their filing that Tarrant County is not responsible for controlling its employees, including judges.


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