Superintendent cover-ups, wrangling for Rodeo records, lawsuit says senator influenced TABC probe, criminal questions at Harris County court


The Texas Education Agency has quietly dismissed, retired or otherwise disciplined 45 public-school superintendents since 2012 for transgressions ranging from embezzlement to sexual misconduct, many under a code of silence that insulate school boards and other officials from negative publicity and voter recrimination.

Long-time investigative reporter has filed a criminal complaint against the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, accusing the revered and well-known non-profit of illegally withholding public records.

A lawsuit by a former agent for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission alleges that state Sen. Joan Huffman asked state officials to back off an investigation of a bar owned by her husband.

A criminal complaint filed last week threatens to lift the veil on how attorneys might operate in Harris County courtrooms and accuses prominent attorneys of criminal acts, conspiracy, and falsely representing documents.

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  1. OMG …. You think this is the only place this is going on you’ve got rocks in your head. Come to my town if you can stomach the corruption, been that way for years. The reason the corruption runs rampant is because citizens allow it !!!

    News agency’s after news agency’s have been called trying to convince them to look into the problem, no luck. They don’t make investigative reporters anymore …..


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