State Rep. wants to curtail colleague’s alleged lobbying, a Dallas airport 39 year no bid contract, ‘Crazy Fat Lady’ wins free speech victory


A state lawmaker this week promised to introduce legislation that could address alleged lobbying done by state Rep. Jim Murphy in his role as general manager of the Westchase special district in Houston.

The Dallas City Council will consider giving a 39-year real estate contract at the city-owned Dallas Executive Airport to a company operated by a former member of the city’s economic development staff.

Judge Monica Z. Notzon has thrown out a Laredo Police Department felony case with statewide free speech and free press implicationsNotzen, representing the 111th District in Laredo, dismissed charges against Priscilla Villarreal, who gained national notoriety as the self-described La Gordiloca, or crazy fat lady. She has kept her more than 82,000 followers on Facebook informed with her often verbally blunt police dispatches.

Houston Community College is facing a $15 million shortfall for the 2018 fiscal year that ends in August, but college officials told the system’s board of trustees Wednesday that a plan is in place to contain costs and to come in within budgetThis comes as HCC considers a tax hike for property owners in its jurisdiction for the next fiscal year, which would mean a $4.50 increase in taxes for a home worth $100,000 and an $11.28 increase for a home worth $250,000.

A group called Government Crime Stoppers has posted a $10,000 reward for tips that lead to the prosecution of any public official involved in the funneling of HUD funds into undocumented housing development projects.

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