Sen. Carlos Uresti’s wife files for divorce, cites adultery

Uresti divorce

The ink was barely dry on the papers convicting state Sen. Carlos Uresti of 11 counts of fraud before the lawmaker’s wife moved out and filed for divorce.

Margaret Uresti, who married Carlos in 2012 in a celebrated ceremony that generated You Tube videos as well as a bevy of other visuals that are no longer available online, cites adultery among the causes for the requested split and includes a standard request for an injunction to prevent communications between the two.

Carlos Uresti was convicted Feb. 22; the March 2 divorce petition says the two ended cohabitation Feb. 26.

Mrs. Uresti asks that she be “awarded a disproportionate share of the parties’ estate…” because of her husband’s “fault in the breakup of the marriage, education and future employability of the spouses, community indebtedness and liabilities, need for future support…”

In addition to refraining from contacting Mrs. Uresti, the divorce petition asks the court to ensure Carlos not incur any debt, transfer or alter any jointly owned property or change the beneficiary on any existing life insurance policies.

She also asks that the senator not use a jointly owned country home, appraised in 2017 at $1.6 million,  in the San Antonio suburb of Helotes.

In a financial disclosure in 2014, Uresti listed the jointly owned home as solely his. He also disclosed a smaller home owned by his wife in Helotes. Property records show she sold that home in 2015.

Margaret Uresti asks that while the case is pending, the court award her full possession of the Helotes home, “as well as the furniture, furnishing and other personal property at that residence …” She asks that her husband not be allowed on the premises.

Interim attorney fees should also be paid by Carlos  for Margaret Uresti, according to the petition, as “petitioner is not in control of sufficient community assets to pay attorney’s fees and anticipated expenses.”

Uresti was convicted last month of 11 federal counts, including securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to hide illegal money through a legitimate business.

The San Antonio Democrat, was indicted in 2017 in connection with his role as general counsel and minority owner at FourWinds Logistics, a now-defunct oilfields operation. He also received a piece of the investor action he recruited. Prosecutors contend that his position as a lawmaker and a well regarded attorney lured investors into unsavory, and unlawful deals.

The investors included Denise Cantu, who had received a $2.5 million settlement in a 2010 car crash that killed two of her children.

Cantu said that Uresti and she had an affair as he guided her both legally and financially.

Uresti denies the affair and has promised to appeal the conviction.

The Urestis were married in June 2102 and held a celebration a the Kendall Plantation in Boerne, Texas with 350 guests.

“Lleanna Uresti is a student counselor at Burke Elementary School in the Northside Independent School District and a realtor,” Uresti announced on his lawmaker web site. “She has two children, Sebastian and Katalina.”

Mrs. Uresti holds a realtor’s license. She also owns a business, “Curse of Beauty,” state records show.  

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  1. It took ELEVEN PARAGRAPHS before the article identified this state senator as a democrat!! Care to make a wager that it’s in the FIRST PARAGRAPH if it was a republican?! No, because you know it would be there!


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