San Antonio council member’s checks to campaign worker returned as fraudulent


A door-to-door campaign worker for San Antonio District 2 City Council Member Jada Andrews-Sullivan said four checks worth a total of $4,200, paid to her for her work, were returned by her bank as forgeries.

The councilwoman’s office said the issue arose because another staff member signed the checks and that the office will rectify the problem, KENS-5 TV reported.  

The campaign worker, Sylvia Lopez, told the TV station she’s done that type of work for more than three decades and never before had a paycheck returned unpaid.

“I thought it was a mistake, so I got the statement and I went to the bank and I wanted them to explain to me what was going on,” she said. “They told me, no, it was correct. That Mrs. Jada had told them, ‘These checks were forged.’ “

Lopez said after she contacted Andrews-Sullivan’s office, a staff member reached out a week later and offered to pay $1,000. Lopez then filed a report with the San Antonio Police Department to attempt to recoup the money owed her.

Lou Miller, chief of staff for Andrews-Sullivan, told KENS-5 the checks were marked as fraudulent because they were signed by someone not authorized to do so. 

“The problem that we ran into was that her friend Veronica Gonzalez wrote these checks, signed the councilwoman’s name to them without us having any knowledge that the checks had been written, so subsequently checks bounced off of that account,” he told the TV station.

Gonzalez said she regularly wrote and signed checks for Andrews-Sullivan at her request. Miller said the bank is investigating and the council member’s office is waiting on invoices from Lopez before paying more money.


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