Reward offered for info on UT law school scandal

UT law school time sheet scandal

AUSTIN — Former UT Law facilities director, Jason Shoumaker, was recently taken into custody on charges of tampering with his personal timesheets to reflect inaccuracies. According to reports, Shoumaker visited the U.S. Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Cozumel, California and Miami — all while being on the clock at work.

This recent development has prompted the anti-corruption group, Government Crime Stoppers, to post a $10,000 reward for any additional details on the scandal.

Allegations of fraudulent activities involving a former official of the University of Texas School of Law was an opportunity for our charitable Crime Stoppers organization to allow good citizens to communicate information without the need to disclose their identity or fear retaliation for being a good citizen,” a spokesman for Government Crime Stoppers said in a statement. “We have full confidence the matter will be handled properly by the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.”

Following a string of fraud allegations from university officials, the DA’s office began investigating Former UT Law facilities director, Jason Shoumaker, in August and he was placed on administrative leave in July 2017. The credit card expenses, however, were all charged to his personal card and appear to be related to just two trips.

A source reported to the Texas Tribune that Shoumaker’s case was connected to a larger probe that involved “several million dollars of questionable expenses.” That means Shoumaker, a former city councilman in Lago Vista, could be a possible government witness.

Along with the $10,000 dollar reward posted for details on this UT Law School investigation, Government Crime Stoppers has also posted rewards for information about the Dallas City Hall OIG investigation, for information on the withholding of public information at Houston City Hall, for details on sexual harassment and abuse at the legislature, and for tips on the Dallas County Schools case.

Government Crime Stoppers also issued a statement on the recent passing of the group’s leader, Perry Huckabay.

“The board also wishes to acknowledge the significance and expert handling of the crime tips by the late Perry Huckabay who was our program’s first law enforcement coordinator and spokesperson,” according to a statement. “Mr. Huckabay was the original Crime Stoppers coordinator for Tyler/Smith County in the late 1970s, and a veteran of the U.S. Military. Mr. Huckabay’s exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam ultimately took its toll and led to his death on May 1st. His service to city, nation, and state were very much appreciated and meaningful.”

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    • Truth hurts, I’m sure the guilty liberals will find a away to mis-direct the incident and try to blame a conservative for it.

  1. When Corruption is allowed in offices like the FBI, DOJ, and the ex-Secretary of States then naturally others will assume the laws do not apply to them….”The Elite”.


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