Rep. Gooden: Gov, AG we need help probing mail-in ballot fraud

State Rep. Lance Gooden

A Texas state representative has called on Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton for an “immediate and formal investigation” into claims of voter fraud, corruption, and paid ballot harvesting in Kaufman County.

Rep. Lance Gooden’s letter comes in the wake of a lawsuit by Tracy Booker Gray, who lost her GOP primary bid for County Court at Law No. 1 by a single vote. In the suit, Gray alleges that a woman in Kaufman County — who is well known for ballot harvesting — collected enough votes illegally to sway the election.

Ballot harvesting is a tactic used by some campaigns to send people door-to-door and neighborhood-by-neighborhood to collect mail-in ballots from unwitting voters. This can happen more often in nursing homes, and in neighborhoods where there are many older residents.

“She is influential among vulnerable and uneducated folks who have no idea how voting works,” Gooden, R-Terrell told The Texas Monitor. 

He said he believes she is “good for 40 to 50 votes” in any particular election.

“In local elections, particularly in school and city races, she can really have an impact,” Gooden said.

The woman in question, Brenda Prince, denied any wrongdoing in a recent interview with

“Now, going on knocking on doors and hauling someone to the polls is not illegal,” Gooden said. “But what I understand that she has done, and how she may have gotten herself into trouble this time, is that she has filled out ballots for folks, and mailed them all on the same day. What it looks like, because she mailed them all on the same day, toward the end of early voting, [is that] someone got to her later than usual, so she was unable to stagger them out when she mailed all these ballots back, so it looked especially suspicious.”

Gooden said he hoped Abbott or Paxton could do something quickly.

“I know that neither of those gentlemen want this,” he said. “She works early voting and works on Election Day at the polls. She’s a paid election worker. The first thing that should be done is that she should have no business being near a voting booth, much less being paid to monitor one.”

Gooden did acknowledge the difficulty in policing mail-in ballot fraud.

“You don’t want to limit a senior-citizen’s right to vote by mail, but at the same time it seems very extreme that one individual could go and collect ballots for all these folks and put them all in the mailbox on the same day,” he said.

Gooden also noted the difference between mail-in ballot fraud and the more commonly discussed voter ID fraud.

“In the legislature we talk about voter ID fraud, those circumstances, I believe are very few and far between,” he said. “Very rare. But fraud is so rampant in this ballot by mail process.”

In the race that pitted Gray against Dennis Jones, the vote tally was 5,473 to 5,472, with Jones squeaking out the win.

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  1. You people and thinking about all the illegal voting going on Maybe you should worry more about the crooked ass Repuds in office and your parties gerrymandering

  2. Abbott and Paxton are neither upstanding, honest people. I do not see much help from them unless the losing candidate is an Empower Texans affiliate. Paxton is currently dodging multiple federal indictments.

  3. Democrats can’t win elections without illegals voting, the dead, tearing up mail-in ballots, forgeries and stuffing ballots, rigging machines, bribing homeless, manipulating elderly in nursing homes, prisoners and felons……….

  4. Voting lists are NOT EVEN CHECKED FOR DUPLICATION much less something like this. Curious you post Lance. He sent us absentee ballots…nursing homes are hot spots for votes every election and always have been.

  5. So it’s an issue when his side losses, but not when they when, now we know who the bad parents at the little league games, can’t just be that they won…

  6. Gooden is looking for attention at election time. Hes votes with democrats and calls himself a republican. If there is voter fraud HES probably involved in it

  7. The Kaufman County Tea Party has watched and followed Lance Gooden closely for the last nine years. We can tell you with absolute certainty that he cares nothing about voter fraud unless it impacts him personally and negatively. He will exploit anything in the world when he’s running for office.
    He lies about where he lives, what he does for a living, he activities in Austin, everything. Not one word he says should be believed. This whole thing is a stunt to get attention and put him over the top on May 22nd.

  8. heck why should we care if there fraud in voting most voters are too stupid to care any way. Fraud has been going on in Kaufman County since the 90’s nobody cared and now that it has come down to one vote difference someone finally cares. Governor should appoint judges because according to comments on this post most people don’t give a damn about fraud.

  9. In ANY Election – Especially any CLOSE Election, the COMMIERAT party will demand recount – after recount – after recount – after recount – after … [And EVERY “recount” will discover MANY MORE “previously uncounted ballots” that were mysteriously “lost” in some “forgotten” warehouse…] [P.S. Military Ballots = NOT COUNTABLE…]

    • From what I read, the only thing she did “wrong” was mail the ballots in all on the same day. There was no evidence whatsoever that she fraudulently voted.

    • Stay tuned. They’ll present the investigator’s findings in court (vs. Facebook). Are you close to the investigation? You seem adamant that there’s no evidence based on tidbits in internet articles.

    • I’m hardly “adamant” regarding this case one way or the other. But I haven’t seen any evidence of a crime yet. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot though, shall we? What’s your beef with this case? You certainly seem convinced she broke the law (despite the lack of publically available evidence). Would you still have a problem if the other candidate had won? Just curious.

    • Well I do have a bias as she’s my sister and I’ve heard more than is public. It’s not about losing, it’s about the shady stuff going on. She still may lose and that’s ok if it’s done in an honest way.

    • My comment was more in regards to the line “there was no evidence whatsoever” but if you’re just referring to based on what you see in articles then I guess I can see that. But it’s an absolute type statement when you haven’t seen everything personally.

    • Michelle Booker Stunkard , when I was a candidate for a local office years ago, even before Facebook, I would not let my wife read the paper. Bailing on Facebook might be a good idea if you are family.


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