Records raise questions about Kansas man doing autopsies in Texas


A Kansas man is taking heat from some Texas residents who allege he illegally performed private autopsies. According to a story from KXAN-TV in Austin, Shawn Parcells also claimed he had a company, National Autopsy Services, based in Kansas.

But while the company had a website and is named in a lawsuit, state records in Kansas show no such company has ever been registered with the state. The only company connected to Parcells there is Parcells Forensic Pathology Group, registered in 2010 to an address in a cooperative work building. The company, which is no longer active, was registered to Shawn and Loree Parcells.

The websites for both National Autopsy Services and Parcells Forensic are now defunct. National Autopsy’s site was deactivated recently, having been up as recently as January. The business’s address on the site is that of a Topeka lawyer who was disbarred in 2009.

Parcells Forensics website at one time indicated that Shawn Parcells is a “forensic pathology assistant” and that he reviewed legal cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.  The most recent activity on that page is from 2014; it redirects viewers to, which is also dormant.

Loree Parcells claimed on her LinkedIn page that she is the owner of Midwest Autopsy and Medical Services in Kansas City, Mo. That company is now KC Hearse Rental, according to state business records.

Parcells and National Autopsy Services are being sued by a Temple family, alleging he was unqualified to perform a private autopsy on a loved one who passed away suddenly. Parcells acknowledged in an interview with the television station that he performed two autopsies in Temple in 2018 and 2019 at Central Texas Mortuary, including the case in which he is being sued.

Parcells admits he’s not a physician, which is a requirement for the procedure in Texas. The work can be done by a pathologist’s assistant, provided it is done under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Central Texas Mortuary is licensed in the state to perform embalming and crematory work.

According to the story, “Parcells admits to and repeatedly told KXAN he did autopsy-related work on his own, without the physical presence of an assisting physician.”

Parcells’ contention that he is a legitimate pathology assistant is disputed by the American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants, which said in a statement that “Mr. Parcells has no legitimate training and holds no credentials… .”

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