Rearming APD could cost taxpayers up to 500K, Austin utility customers get hit with legal bill, Allegation: Houston Rodeo pushed back on sharing crime records, and former Richardson mayor slapped with corruption charges


The next time the Austin Police Department rearms its more than 1,900 sworn officers, taxpayers can expect to pay as much as half a million dollars more than the last time the department purchased new weapons.

City of Austin taxpayers have spent almost $190,000 on fees for lawyers to study the possibility of getting out from under a $54 million-a-year contract for biomass-produced energy that isn’t being produced.

The Houston Rodeo, the largest in the world, and one that attracts nearly all of the business and political glitterati of Texas, is avoiding sharing crime records from its events, according to an investigative consultant probing a rape case in which the Rodeo is a defendant.

The former mayor of Richardson and her husband are due in court June 20 after their indictment last week on bribery and other corruption-related charges. Laura Maczka, who served as mayor from 2013 to 2015, and her developer husband Mark Jordan face 20 years in prison.

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